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// 11.06.23

Regenerative Agriculture: Green Future Farming Gains

Regenerative agriculture trainings + Biogas installations = Improved coffee yields  Article by Uganda Team Regenerative agriculture is a farming and grazing practice that, among other benefits, reverses climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity.   Moses Wanasolo is a resident of Masira sub-county and a member of the Masira farmer network in Bulambuli. He is […]

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By Natividad
aidenvironment africa
// 15.07.21

Bamboo to reduce the cost of rainwater harvesting

Through the Green Future Farming Project, AidEnvironment is piloting the use of bamboo as the main structural material for rainwater harvesting tanks in coffee-growing communities in Uganda. The lower costs will enable farmers to collect more rainwater and prevent soil erosion. The Sebei region on the slopes of Mount Elgon produces some of the best specialty Arabica coffee in Uganda. […]

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By AidEnvironment
// 29.06.21

Biogas for more productive farms and healthier lives

In the Green Future Farming project, biogas digesters are promoted to overcome the combined challenges of indoor air pollution and soil erosion and degradation in the coffee-growing Sebei sub-region of Uganda.  Aidenvironment is involved in a demo that recently started. Trees in the Kapchorwa, Kween, and Bukwo Districts of Uganda are cut down for firewood or for sale, leading to […]

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By AidEnvironment
// 18.12.20

Green Future Farming in Elgon Uganda

In November, The Green Future Farming project for Elgon Region in Uganda was launched by AidEnvironment, the Ministry of Water and Environment, and the Chief Administrative Officers for Kapchorwa, Kween, and Bukwo Districts. It is part of a wider program in East Africa to combat problems of declining soil fertility and water resources through landscape improvement, and local value chain […]

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By AidEnvironment
// 02.10.20

Green Future Farming for dynamic rural economies in East Africa

Green Future Farming is a four-year project by a consortium of AidEnvironment, MetaMeta, and Justdiggit, supported by IKEA Foundation, to show how regenerative agriculture can benefit both farmers and the environment in three different landscapes in Uganda, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Green Future Farming combines investment in landscape restoration and management, mainstreams regenerative agriculture, and strengthens local value chains to make rural economies more […]

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By AidEnvironment

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