Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct applies to all employees, (sub) contractors and associates of AidEnvironment.
Responsibility for complying with the Code lies primarily with our employees; compliance is assessed by
he management team (MT).
The Code of Conduct forms an integral part of all project contracts drawn up by AidEnvironment.



Clients and contractors trust us with important, sensitive and confidential information. Respecting this trust has our highest priority.
Mutual understanding and close cooperation are important conditions for obtaining a satisfactory outcome.
We strive to be transparent in our work and professional relations, but we respect clients’ requests for restraint or non-disclosure.
The services we provide to our clients meet the demands of integrity, expertise, rationality and objectivity.
We do not make any improper use of information received from a client, either for our own interests or on behalf of another client.
We do not offer a position, either in our own firm or elsewhere, to anyone employed by one of our clients.
If clients express dissatisfaction about our work, we look into these complaints in a thorough and professional manner.



We accept only assignments which are within the range of our expertise and experience and are compatible with our vision and mission. Should an assignment move in a direction that is inconsistent with our vision and mission, we discuss this with the client and, if necessary, withdraw from the assignment.
We conduct substantive project work and all procedural matters in a thorough and professional manner, and deliver optimum quality. We investigate and weigh up all the relevant facts and circumstances and come to an independent judgment.
If accepting another assignment would lead to conflicts of interest, we take appropriate measures. If necessary, we will refuse the new assignment.
If our objectivity is called into question during a project, we look for an internal solution and, if necessary, propose this to the client. In the final instance, we will resign from the assignment.



We agree a fee in advance that is reasonable, justifiable and in proportion to the expertise we provide and the responsibilities
we accept.
We accept no payment at all for recommending the services of third parties to a client.