AidEnvironment is a not-for-profit sustainability research, strategy and implementation organisation working to achieve transformative sector change.

Our approach

Our work sits at the intersection of sustainable landscapes and global value chains. By combining expert insight, systemic thinking and boots on the ground understanding, we develop practical recommendations and implement solutions for companies, NGOs, financial institutions and governments.

We address complex challenges and identify impactful solutions to shift systems towards just and sustainable practices. Together with our clients and partners, we contribute to the protection and restoration of vital ecosystems and the improvement of local livelihoods.

Our values

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Our work must deliver meaningful, long-lasting results.
We are committed to engaging different types of stakeholders to create impact and inspire wider networks.
Our team displays respect, transparency and fairness towards people and planet.
Our approach is rigorous and strategic, challenging ourselves and our clients to do better.

Meet the team

The AidEnvironment team is passionate about sustainable development and determined to contribute to thriving communities and ecosystems. We are comprised of social and environmental scientists, researchers, GIS and remote sensing specialists , impact monitoring and evaluation (M&E) experts and analysts who have decades of combined experience across issue areas, geographies, and landscapes that advance sustainable development.

We are a global team with two regional offices in the Netherlands and Uganda; a close partner organisation Sangga Bumi Lestari in Indonesia; field officers in Ethiopia, India and the Philippines; and partners across Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East.