We combine data, systemic thinking and boots on the ground understanding to achieve transformative sector change
Deforestation-Free Supply Chains

We work to halt deforestation by urging and assisting investors, companies and civil society in their decision-making on deforestation. Our aim is to achieve deforestation and conflict-free commodity production and trade. What we do:

  • Monitor and analyse deforestation and fire events in global commodity supply chains
  • Investigate and analyse deforestation-linked themes, such as the impact of trade policies on supply chains, traceability, and the social impact of commodity production
  • Perform sustainability risk analysis for financial sector stakeholders
Sustainable Sector Transformation

We work to transform commodity sectors through a systems approach that advances large-scale and long-term changes. Our aim is to contribute to competitive and sustainable commodity sectors. What we do:

  • Offer structured and integrated approaches to assess sectors and develop sector transformation strategies
  • Identify systemic solutions related to living wage & living income, sustainable pricing & procurement, and the role of sustainability initiatives
  • Monitor and evaluate systemic impacts for evidence-based learning
Water Management (RAIN)

We promote and implement sustainable water management solutions. Our aim is to achieve water security for communities and individuals experiencing water challenges. What we do:

  • Design and implement integrated water resources management (IWRM) solutions
  • Develop learning courses and tools for capacity development
  • Provide practical and strategic advice for the development and implementation of sustainable water management solutions
Landscape Management

We design and implement sustainability solutions on a landscape level in ways which benefit the environment and improve livelihoods. Our aim is to improve the quality of landscapes and create productive and healthy ecosystems for all stakeholders. What we do:

  • Promote regenerative agriculture and address land and water related sustainability risks in large and small-scale agricultural production
  • Implement landscape restoration of degraded and unproductive areas
  • Partner with local stakeholders for more efficient, effective and sustainable land management

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