Our work in Africa

Increased climate resilience

AidEnvironment’s work in Africa is focused on integrated land and water management, and sustainable sector transformation. Our solutions are varied because we design and implement programs and advise stakeholders based on the complexities of each landscape and specific community needs. To support smallholders, we provide access to farming inputs, training, technology and water infrastructure, while strengthening market systems for financing and sustainable trade. For improved water management in communities, AidEnvironment promotes integrated approaches that increase environmental sustainability while increasing water availability (more on these approaches). Our success is defined by the increased resilience of communities and ecosystems – the combination of environmental gains and increased access to income opportunities and resources for communities.

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Our results in the region

hectares reached by 2024 with landscape restoration, reforestation, water and riverbank conservation interventions
increase in yield and a corresponding 10% increase in income for smallholder farmers in our programmes
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James Kisekka
Director/Team Leader