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// 04.05.21

Pull out the stops on remote sensing for small scale storage in the Western Sahel

The western Sahel is drying up, degrading and arable land is getting scarce. Yet, every year, water from arid upstream lands of the western Sahel causes downstream floods. In other areas large dams leave people downstream without water. This situation raises several questions, where are these areas with excess water? Where and during what period of the year should water […]

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By AidEnvironment
// 18.12.20

Small-scale water storage in Western Sahel

Recently a consortium led by Aidenvironment won a World Bank contract for a study on operationalizing small-scale water storage initiatives with the aim of providing water security in Western Sahel. The one-year study will deliver implementation guidelines for good practices. It is known that small-scale watershed interventions can deliver significant benefits in local water resources availability for water supply, irrigation, […]

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By AidEnvironment

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