Realtime Deforestation Monitoring Report (RDM 8) – December 2022

AidEnvironment’s Realtime Deforestation Monitoring Report (RDM) 8 highlights fire alerts and deforestation events taking place inside and/or in the surroundings of two Indigenous Territories in the states of Pará and Mato Grosso, in Brazil.

This report, covering the period between January 1st and November 4th, 2022, includes six cases of deforestation linked to the indigenous territories Apyterewa (Parakanã people) in São Félix do Xingu (Pará) and Urubu Branco (Tapirapé people) in Confresa (Mato Grosso). All six cases are located in the Amazon biome and aggregate a total of 4,117 hectares of deforestation and 108 fire alerts. Although economic activities taking place inside Indigenous Territories are not allowed or regulated by Brazilian law, there has been a loss of 140 thousand hectares in these areas between 2019 and 2021 (MapBiomas). A recent news article by Mongabay includes statements from Parakanã people affirming that the invasion and deforestation of their territories increased after the Brazilian elections in October 2022, which officially confirmed the end of the Bolsonaro’s administration in 31 December 2022.

RDM reports are developed to support a wide range of actors – commodity producers and traders, financial sector stakeholders, and civil society – in taking evidence-based action towards real-time deforestation events. AidEnvironment publishes RDM reports monthly with support from EU LIFE Program and the European Climate Foundation.

The RDM reports aim to:

  • Raise awareness on recent deforestation and fire events linked to global commodities’ supply chains
  • Engage commodity producers and traders on real-time deforestation events, and urge them to respond — especially those with commitments to halt deforestation in their supply chains
  • Support stakeholders in the financial sector and civil society with granular data needed in their due diligence and engagement with companies
  • Increase transparency in commodity sectors, particularly on companies’ no-deforestation commitments and how this is implemented on the ground.
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Joana Faggin
Program Manager Deforestation-free supply chains
Want more information on this project?
Marco Garcia
GIS coordinator Deforestation-free supply chains