Guiding Seed Sector Transformation in Ethiopia


The Integrated Seed Sector Development program in Ethiopia (ISSD Ethiopia) used Aidenvironment’s sector transformation model in a case study on guiding transformation of the national seed sector. The lessons learned: embrace systemic change, manage not only adaptively but inclusively, and invest in social capital.

In 2018, Aidenvironment conducted a diagnostic of the seed sector with the ISSD team which formed the basis for the ISSD team to engage in an inclusive process to develop a sector-wide strategy at the national level and support some important policy and regulatory reforms.

The subsequent Ethiopia case study describes how the sector transformation model enabled ISSD Ethiopia, together with the sector’s stakeholders, to arrive at a shared vision of the future, assess current performance, and agree on what outcomes are needed to realize this vision. It made it possible to facilitate this dialog in a structured way. The model is particularly functional in unpacking reality in clear and distinctive components. Its use created a shared language among participants and helped them realize the interdependencies between seed sector functions.

Since this exercise, ISSD has applied the model in various other countries.

See here for the case study report

If you are interested in applying the model in your programs, please contact Jan Willem Molenaar

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