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AidEnvironment // 26.02.24

How AidEnvironment Supports Strategic Climate Litigation

Article drafted by Sarah Drost, Deforestation-free Supply Chain Team, 21 February 2024 Since 2019, AidEnvironment’s Deforestation-free Supply Chains Team has expanded its support to European and non-European legislative initiatives, either by backing the adoption of strong laws and guiding their effective implementation, or by substantiating strategic litigation under the legal acts adopted through a focus on non-compliance cases, supply chain […]

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By Melissa
AidEnvironment // 19.01.24

Government, partners intensify restoration activities in disaster-prone Elgon area

By Javier Silas Omagor In a collaborative effort, the government through the ministry of water and environment, (MWE), along with partners such as World Bank and AidEnvironment has ramped up restoration activities in a disaster-prone Mt. Elgon area to enhance resilience and mitigate the impact of future calamities. This was revealed on December, Saturday, 16, at the well-attended ceremony to […]

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By Natividad
AidEnvironment // 15.01.24

[PRESS RELEASE] Onderzoek World Animal Protection: AH en Makro verkopen nog altijd ontbossingsvlees

Ondanks de toezegging van AH en Makro om niet langer Braziliaans ontbossingsrundvlees in te kopen, belandt er nog steeds dubieus rundvlees in hun schappen. Daarmee dragen de retailers bij aan vernietiging van het leefgebied van verschillende diersoorten in Brazilië. Dat blijkt uit onderzoek van World Animal Protection, uitgevoerd door onderzoeksbureau AidEnvironment.  Nederland importeert grote hoeveelheden rundvlees uit Brazilië. In 2022 maar liefst 16.566 ton. Uit onderzoek van de internationale dierenbeschermingsorganisatie blijkt dat het ontbossingsvlees in verschillende Nederlandse […]

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By Natividad
AidEnvironment // 23.11.23

Improving Livelihoods with Riverbank Restoration

Written by Anne Kikundwa & Brian Lukwago Rivers in the Lwakhakha sub-catchment are a major source of livelihood for the neighboring farming communities as they provide water for livestock and crops. In these communities, farmers have faced challenges of loss of land due to collapsing riverbanks.  Some of these rivers, located in the eastern part of Uganda, mark the natural […]

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By Natividad
AidEnvironment // 22.11.23

Have you heard of biochar?

Written by Henry Stanley Mbowa   First, what is biochar?   Biochar is an organic fertilizer made from biodegradable waste materials through aerobic combustion in a barrel. The biodegradable materials used include domestic and garden wastes such as dry banana leaves, tree leaves, kitchen waste, maize cobs, beans shells, and plant trimmings. Other elements included in the process are sticks, […]

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By Natividad

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