AidEnvironment, Yayasan Sangga Bumi Lestari Collaborate with Tanjungpura University Towards Climate-Resilient Landscape

Nov 2022

As a culmination of prior conversations on the matter, on Wednesday, 26 October 2022, AidEnvironment together with its partner organization in Indonesia, Yayasan Sangga Bumi Lestari, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tanjungpura University.  Corresponding cooperation and implementation agreements with the faculty of the Forestry department of the university were also inked at the event. The signing of these documents marks the official cooperation between the parties on research and other projects related to sustainable development. 

The signing event was attended by Annemieke Beekmans, Executive Director of AidEnvironment, Monalisa Pasaribu, Program Manager from Yayasan Sangga Bumi Lestari, and Dr. Farah Diba, S.Hut, M.Si from the Faculty of Forestry at Tanjungpura University. This memorandum will provide opportunities for all parties to work together in creating strategies to develop climate-resilient landscapes. The university and its students will gain access to AidEnvironment and Yayasan Sangga Bumi Lestari project sites in Indonesia to conduct academic research. The cooperation agreement will also provide opportunities for the university to work with other universities that have signed a MoU with AidEnvironment and Yayasan Sangga Bumi Lestari. On the other hand, AidEnvironment and Yayasan Sangga Bumi Lestari will gain valuable academic insight to inform their strategies on developing sustainable landscapes. 

The first step after the signing of these documents will be to conduct a meeting focused on coordination and annual plan consolidation in order to establish a list of activities for 2023. The cooperation agreement specifies that the scope of collaboration between the parties covers the following:

  • Research on the development of environmental service for sustainable landscape, including topography and biodiversity within the landscape; 

  • Research and development in the field of biodiversity and ecosystem remediation; 

  • Research on other topics that may be relevant to conservation and sustainable development. 

AidEnvironment and its partner organization Yayasan Sangga Bumi Lestari proudly welcome this collaboration with University of Tanjungpura and look forward to working together in developing sustainable landscape furthering goals on climate resiliency.