A Look at Our Impact in 2023

Apr 2024


For the first time, the AidEnvironment team has collated a snapshot of the work we have undertaken across issue areas and geographies.

Looking back at 2023, we continued to strengthen and improve our initiatives in the Sector Transformation field by undertaking assessments and strategic development for stakeholders aiming for fairer and more inclusive supply chains. We likewise increased our analysis pertaining to the presence of strategies to tackle child labour in different supply chains. In the Water and Land Management field, we implemented initiatives to promote more sustainable water management and regenerative agriculture, especially in East Africa and Southeast Asia. In the Deforestation-free Supply Chains field, we supported civil society organisations with actionable data for their campaigns, focused on corporations and the financial sector, and improved our capacity to produce analyses focused on implementing deforestation-free regulations and strengthening a food transition strategy.

This report contains more detailed information on the key programmes and activities of our team throughout 2023.

Download the full report HERE