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Deforestation // 22.02.22

AidEnvironment launches new supply chain​ transparency report featuring largest commodity companies

On 22 February 2022, AidEnvironment published a Real-time Deforestation Monitoring (RDM) report that sheds light on 21,265 hectares of deforestation and fire events linked to soy traders and meatpackers in the Cerrado biome in Brazil. Realtime Deforestation Monitoring Report – February 2022 RDM reports aim to: create awareness on recent deforestation and fire events linked to global commodities’ supply chains; engage […]

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By AidEnvironment
forest clearing
Deforestation // 04.02.22

Four Indonesian pulp and paper companies responsible for 11,000 hectares of forest loss in 2021

Just four pulp and paper companies in Indonesia were responsible for 11,000 hectares of forest clearing during 2021, analysis by AidEnvironment shows. The figure is similar to Indonesia’s 2020’s deforestation figures, when five companies were responsible for 13,000 hectares of forest loss. The four groups clearing the most forest in 2021 were Alas Kusuma, Nusantara Fiber, Moorim Group and PT Hutan Produksi Lestari. Nusantara Fiber and […]

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By AidEnvironment
deforestation palm oil
Deforestation // 28.01.22

Deforestation: is there too much focus on palm oil?

While palm oil companies are considered ahead of other sectors in no-deforestation implementation, AidEnvironment uncovered that non-palm deforestation persists in sustainable palm oil supply chains.

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By Judith Knibbe
Deforestation // 17.12.21

Banking on palm oil in Southeast Asia

A new report by Aidenvironment’s partner Gulzhan Musaeva examines the exploitation of land resources by the palm oil sector and the role of banking institutions in this process. The report focuses on the two leading producing nations of Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Malaysia, and neighbouring Singapore. The biggest local financiers — whose exposure to forest-risk sectors is among the highest in the world — […]

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By AidEnvironment

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